I am NOT my brother’s keeper

Me and KevI go to a lot of shows. I go to a lot of local shows. I go to a lot of show with a headlining band that has a following of 3 (well 3 + their girlfriends).

I’ve been to a venue so small that I had to walk over the stage to get to the ladies’ room. Scratch that, there have been two of them.

I’ve been to shows with only one guy moshing. (Yeah, it was pretty hilarious.)

I’ve been to shows where I could give you the name and contact info of everyone in the room (including the bands and their girlfriends and bar staff and the management.) Keep in mind that I am only a little bit popular, and not the sort of uber-popular chick that knows everyone all the time.

I just want to make it clear that I have been to the poorly attended shows. The apathy of the fans (often, but not always) is apparent. The dismay of the bands oppresses the room.

Look Bands, I get it. It SUCKS. I know that you probably aren’t getting paid tonight. I know that you probably won’t sell any merch.

Oh, poor Band is upset. Get over it! Save the moping for the Emos! I paid my cover. I took time out of my increasingly packed schedule. I am here. Stop whining, and play the songs that I came to here.

It is not MY fault that no one else came.

When you complain about the low turnout, you aren’t winning any fans. You are, with each Emo comment, becoming a band I am less interested in seeing again.

Take a note from the superior bands in the local scene. Montreal’s Blackguard has given their best to crowds that I could fit into my apartment’s bathroom, and the whole time, Paul (the singer) thanked and complimented the audience. Is it any wonder that their audience grows with every repeat visit?

My point it this: I am here, and interested in your music. The people who aren’t here aren’t around to listen to your lecture.

Play your best. Win some fans. Make the best of the night.

Kevin is Metal



2 Responses to “I am NOT my brother’s keeper”

  1. curtis Says:

    after reading this, it’s amazing…shows are like that for us out here…but no matter what, it’s all fun…

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