The Governor’s Ball

The Mighty Metal and Comedy Show

The Governor hosts a metal radio podcast featuring a variety of interviews, music and the amusing section, Sly Advice.

I’ve known about the Governor for several years now (heck, he even presided over my wedding), but I’ve had a hard time sorting out the best way to listen to the show.

Last week, I made a commitment to watch less television, and in my quest to kill the quiet, I re-discovered iTunes. I started out the podcast exploration with Six Pixels of Separation and Media Hacks (As a freelance designer, this counts as part of my work day)

After itunes had downloaded all the work related content, I found that I still wasn’t done working, and I wanted something else to listen to.

Before this weekend, I had been downloading the Gov’s show and just saving it somewhere and then finding it, and then hitting play. Usually, I would listen to the show in my hubby’s car, and that was a pain because I never got to listen to the show all the way through.

Once I made the obvious leap (yes, I know, I’m not the brightest crayon), I “subscribed’ to the Governor’s Ball on iTunes (find it with the search function) and now I can easily access it right from my iTunes. Woot!

The Gov covers a wide range of bands from different styles and levels of popularity. (I love that Canadian content.)

The show is not only funny, but also relevant and informative. The Gov tackles a large selection of topics, and often prods the musician into giving up info. I was amazed at his ability to control interview subjects who just weren’t into it. He transformed the interview into an amusing and useful piece of broadcast.

I highly recommend that you check out the show. Either do the iTunes search, which I recommend, or head over to for the direct download.

For the initiated, there is also the facebook fan page over at

Me and the Gov

Do you listen to the Governor’s Ball? If not, why? What other metal podcasts do you listen to?


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