June 2, 2010

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Returning from Oblivion

May 1, 2010

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Help save a local metal station.

April 13, 2010

An anonymous source complained about the language during an online broadcast of a metal show. Satan Takes a Holiday (

I’m taking this event as an opportunity to speak out against the persecution of metal.

The CRTC (the equivalent of the US agency FCC) allow girls (20 and under… um 16… um 13… um, here’s where I vomit) to strut around in sexually infused costumes while gyrating around stripper poles. According to them, this perverted pedophiliac activity is just fine. A four letter word starting with F is a problem though.

Let’s just make this clear:

Underage girls in skimpy clothes + big men describing women as B****es and C***s > the F word

According to CRTC

Here’s where I start getting really angry.

I received this letter from the creator of Satan Takes a Holiday. It’s very time sensitive. (Shoot out an email even if it’s late.) I will keep you guys up to date as info comes in.

“Ok, here’s the first, generic letter, that is basically a support letter of the radio station in general for the public hearing regarding our license renewal. This one has to arrive by tomorrow, Monday, April 12, so please just copy, paste, sign and send to: . If you could include your mailing address too, that would be helpful, but not necessary.

To Whom It May Concern:

I believe CKLN is a valuable resource for information and music not readily available through mainstream media channels. I especially appreciate the coverage of underground metal music and community news provided by “Satan Takes A Holiday”, hosted by Miss Barbrafisch weekly on Saturday nights.

I look forward to the continuation of this adventurous programming for years to come.


Thanks again. The next one will be considerably longer and more detailed, since it will be a rebuttal of specific accusations regarding myself and my show.


Thanks to everyone who can help. I’ll post an update soon.

Sign Language

April 8, 2010









So, amps + earplugs (yes, I want to hear when I’m 80) = WHAT?!?

At a show, sign language of a sort is needed. (I know a bare minimum of ASL. I know the alphabet, “I’m hungry” and “silly boy” but, that doesn’t quite fulfill my metal conversations.) An ad-lib signing has developed. It’s based off of basically Metal and Beer.

Let’s start with the two basic metal signs:

1) Horn = This band is more epically metal than every other band that ever threw guitars at a drummer

Enough with the drinking. Onto the metal…

2) Glug Glug = Dude, let’s go drink. Are you drinking? Let’s get a beer!

There are several other signal’s that I’ve encountered:

3) Symmetrical squiggly hands followed by pounding = (apparently) chick drummer.

4) Fist pumping mouth (no, not a lewd signal) = beer?

5) Pointing at my hubby pulse fist pumping then a thumbs up = “that guy rocks hard” (Yeah, I thought it was an ejaculation gesture, too)

It’s amazing to watch how we communicate with each other when auditory communication is lost.

Post your own common sign language in the comments.

P.S. RSS feeders: sorry about the early post fail. “post” look a lot like “preview” on wordpress. Also, my little black kitty was distracting me with a rubber band. And yes, that is my excuse.

My posting failures

March 28, 2010

Sorry about the sparse and sporadic updating. I’ve been a bit over-burdened with work over the past few months.

I’m putting my foot down, and making a commitment to put up a post every weekend. (Plus additional posts if I hit a mid-week show.)

Maryland Deathfest is coming up soon, and I’m hoping to put up some massive posts during my inaugural trip.

Is the jerk in the pit really a jerk?

February 28, 2010

A while ago, I posted about etiquette in the pit. After the story that my hubby told me about tonight’s gig, I feel the need to amend that post.

We all know about how we’re all supposed to behave at shows, but how should we react to people who are not able to understand? There is one Toronto dude in particular who is clearly not at the standard level of understanding/whatever. Just about everyone who is regular in the Toronto scene give this guy a bit of extra understanding.

My hubby just got back from a show where some Nazi-wanna-be-jerk tried to punch this lower functioning guy. (The NWBJ actually ended up punching my hubby because he has terrible aim, I assume)

I know Toronto, so I know who is being horrible, and who just doesn’t understand how to behave, and I act according to this knowledge. At big, “popular” shows, I assume that people who don’t follow the “rules” are jerks. This is WRONG. Some people don’t have the mental capacity to follow the basic rules.

After finding out how badly this “differently abled” guy was treated, I decided to re-evaluate the way that I respond to guys who bother me at shows. How do I know that they’re being jerks? How do I now that they understand the impact of their reactions?

How do you decide how to react to an apparent jerk?


February 6, 2010

So, I’ve waited quite a while before making this post. (They say that you should count to ten before reacting. I lost count after 1834 and was still angry…)

insecurityLet me preface this post by saying that I’ve been to shows with heavy security (Maiden at the ACC) and shows with negative security out in bum-fuck-nowhere (Tweed-fest) I prefer higher security in general. (Being a lady [and a non-“smoker”], my preference is slightly different from many of my male metal buddies.)

The way I see the security is as follows:
1) Everyone gets away with everything.
2) No one gets away with anything.
3) Something somewhere between 1 and 2

Along this sliding scale, everyone has their preference, but everyone understands and will deal with any level they are shown.

Recently, I came to understand that a particular club didn’t fit into this sliding scale. (Please excuse the lack of specifics, since I’m not interested in getting sued.)

The security at this club is terrified of the big dudes so they won’t stop these guys from assaulting other patrons with weapons. ‘But wait!’ you exclaim, ‘you said that you frequent lawless shows.’ Ah! How observant you are! Shows with lax security are one thing, but let me continue…

The security (I assume) feels a bit emasculated from the terror they feel from the big dudes, so they enforce the rules on the little people. Please allow me to describe an example. One night, the security cut me off because my “swaying” (aka belly dance that I was demonstrating to my girlfriend) while the large man who was drunkenly vomiting on their property was left alone. (My hubby recently described a scene where a Large Drunk Man was throwing beer at the band on stage. He threw 3 beers before he lost interest. Security didn’t stop his assult, nor did they stop him from buying the beer that he threw.)

I decided to have a word with management.

I spoke initially with the person in charge (I have begun to doubt the validity of her claim to this status.) She expressed her company’s Serious Stance on weapons in their club. My previous experience with her security team proved this statement to be false. (security saw a large man with a weapon, but failed to act upon this threat despite numerous patron complaints about the man with the weapon.) At this point the head of security returned to the club (with the owner who quickly slunk away before I was able to confront him about the state of his establishment.)

When the head of security finally identified himself, I explained my concerns about my safety in his club directly to him. After a rather heated discussion (the next day, a friend texted me to ask why I was yelling at a security guard), the conclusion that was reached was that I should leave the club because he (the head of security) had no interest in increasing the safety of his clientele. In fact, the “person in charge” and some random other lady (the door girl, I think) snickered when I mentioned that I only entered their venue because I have some knowledge of self-defense.

In the end, I followed the head of security‘s advice: just don’t go to the club. (His actual words [to my complaint of feeling unsafe in his club] were: “then grab your coat and leave.”)

I will no longer enter this club. (at least until my Muay Thai sparring improves significantly.)

This really sucks because many great bands play this venue, but I really don’t want to be harassed by other patrons+security.

Here is my main point of this post: (x2 for the ladies)

Watch your back.
Don’t trust security to protect you. These people are employed to protect the financial interests of their bosses, they have no interest in keeping you safe. Please make sure that you have good friends around.

Please learn to defend yourselves. Every city has a gym or club that offers self-defense classes. Consider these lessons invaluable. Seriously, do it. No price is too high.

Please bring a friend to the ladies’ room.

Please know which friends will help you if you are in trouble (who will risk a broken nose to get a jerk off of you).

Seriously… you are ON YOUR OWN. You cannot expect security to protect you.

The first time I’ve ever won something…

January 19, 2010

So, I don’t mean to brag, but OH MAN! This is the first time that I’ve ever won anything!

For those that didn’t see the initial post, Hellbound had a contest for:
Baroness -Blue Record
Revocation – Existence Is Futile
Black Anvil – Time Insults The Mind
Dying Fetus – Descend Into Depravity
and also a poster of the cover art for the new Baroness. (very sexy)

I have to admit to only being familiar with Dying Fetus, so I’m looking forward to delving into some new bands. I’ll post my reviews as the come.

If you guys haven’t checked out Hellbound, I would recommend subscribing to their feed. They regularly update with reviews of all the new albums.

Aside: Micro-Lending

January 10, 2010

Please excuse the off topic post. I was inspired to share a recent find. I have heard a whole lot about micro-lending (where average people lend a bit of money to people in developing countries) and was immediatly interested in the idea. I have always wanted to help out 3rd world people, but never knew how quite how to go about it. Micro-lending seems like the solution.

If you have a spare $25 and want to feel great abut yourself, check out this site:

I decided to lend to Grocery store in Uganda, and a Corner shop in Nicaragua.

I don’t know if my loans will be repaid. I’m looking at this like a donation, and if I get the money back, all the better (it also means that these women are taking off!)

$25 is a lot for me, but it’s worth even more to these people. Anyways, now I’m officially on the micro-lending bandwagon.

Hellbent for Cooking

December 23, 2009

I found Hellbent for Cooking: The Heavy Metal Cookbook through an interview with author, Annick Giroux, on Sirius’ Liquid Metal. The idea behind the book was to get the favourite recipe from a large number of the top metal bands.

Genius? I think so!

I have yet to get my little hands on this book. *hint*hint* *wink*nudge*

In all seriousness, this book looks Amazing! (plus is was made by a Canadian Lady) I’ll review it once I’ve gotten myself a copy and tried out a few meals.

I just didn’t want to leave you guys out of the loop if you hadn’t heard about it yet.

If you’ve got your own epic recipe, share it in the comments.