Help save a local metal station.

An anonymous source complained about the language during an online broadcast of a metal show. Satan Takes a Holiday (

I’m taking this event as an opportunity to speak out against the persecution of metal.

The CRTC (the equivalent of the US agency FCC) allow girls (20 and under… um 16… um 13… um, here’s where I vomit) to strut around in sexually infused costumes while gyrating around stripper poles. According to them, this perverted pedophiliac activity is just fine. A four letter word starting with F is a problem though.

Let’s just make this clear:

Underage girls in skimpy clothes + big men describing women as B****es and C***s > the F word

According to CRTC

Here’s where I start getting really angry.

I received this letter from the creator of Satan Takes a Holiday. It’s very time sensitive. (Shoot out an email even if it’s late.) I will keep you guys up to date as info comes in.

“Ok, here’s the first, generic letter, that is basically a support letter of the radio station in general for the public hearing regarding our license renewal. This one has to arrive by tomorrow, Monday, April 12, so please just copy, paste, sign and send to: . If you could include your mailing address too, that would be helpful, but not necessary.

To Whom It May Concern:

I believe CKLN is a valuable resource for information and music not readily available through mainstream media channels. I especially appreciate the coverage of underground metal music and community news provided by “Satan Takes A Holiday”, hosted by Miss Barbrafisch weekly on Saturday nights.

I look forward to the continuation of this adventurous programming for years to come.


Thanks again. The next one will be considerably longer and more detailed, since it will be a rebuttal of specific accusations regarding myself and my show.


Thanks to everyone who can help. I’ll post an update soon.


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