Aside: Micro-Lending

Please excuse the off topic post. I was inspired to share a recent find. I have heard a whole lot about micro-lending (where average people lend a bit of money to people in developing countries) and was immediatly interested in the idea. I have always wanted to help out 3rd world people, but never knew how quite how to go about it. Micro-lending seems like the solution.

If you have a spare $25 and want to feel great abut yourself, check out this site:

I decided to lend to Grocery store in Uganda, and a Corner shop in Nicaragua.

I don’t know if my loans will be repaid. I’m looking at this like a donation, and if I get the money back, all the better (it also means that these women are taking off!)

$25 is a lot for me, but it’s worth even more to these people. Anyways, now I’m officially on the micro-lending bandwagon.


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