Manners and Metal

Most of the shows I attend are peopled by your basic fun loving headbangers, but every few shows, I run into some jerk that almost ruins the night for the rest of the crowd.

We’re a pretty easy-going folk, and most of us aren’t bothered by much. Some things, though, are just not acceptable. So here is my list of etiquette dos and don’ts for those metalheads who don’t quite get it. (In no particular order.)

    Pay Attention: As comfortable you are in your own metal scene, be aware that every metal sub-genre and every city has its own social codes. Keep an eye on everyone else’s behaviour. Don’t worry about mimicking the others; just be aware.

    Hold your Booze: If you become a giant jerk after a pint or two, then for our sakes and yours, don’t drink at shows. (Yes, your sake too, because there are many BIG metalheads who won’t put up with your antics.)

    Know your Place: There are several basic areas at every show: High Action (up front), Mid Action (a few people away from the pit), Low Action (the bar or smoker’s pit). Don’t chit-chat loudly near the stage. Go to the bar. Seriously. If you’re getting angry at people knocking into your girlfriend, move her somewhere else. I don’t understand how people can’t figure this out.

    Pit Properly: Don’t go looking to injure someone. Don’t mosh against people clearly not interested in joining in. Leave your beer/drumsticks/other random crap with a buddy instead of bringing it with you.

These are just four basic things that shouldn’t be too difficult for even the biggest dope. Ok, I’m done with my ranting for today.

If you have anything to add to this list, or disagree with some of it, just leave a comment on this post.


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2 Responses to “Manners and Metal”

  1. Paul D Says:

    Shirts are meant not only to keep us warm, but to also keep sweat from hitting other people. If you’re getting worked up in the pit, please, keep your shirt on. Unless your sweat smells like lavender or honey, nobody wants to come into contact with your naked body.

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