Vader — Nov 10, 2009 with Decrepit Birth, Warbringer, The Amenta and Augury at The Mod Club.

The Amenta

This was my first time out at the Mod Club. I have to say that it’s miles ahead of both the Opera House and the Wreck Room. It’s a great layout with a decent A/V setup.

We arrived just a few minutes into Augury’s set. Between Forest’s amazing bass solo, and them ending with my favourite song, Alien Shores, I was thrilled with their set.

I was disappointed to hear that Swashbuckle weren’t able to make it across the boarder. They weren’t exactly right for this bill, but I just love pirate metal.

The Amenta (see pic above) were my memorable band of the night. Their first song in, I wasn’t quite in the right mental area, but by their second tune, I was hooked. Check them out if you haven’t heard their stuff yet.

Warbringer were their usual rocking selves and get two thumbs up for the Patrick Loisel t-shirt.

This was my first time seeing Decrepit Birth. They were good, but just not my thing.

Vader, as one would expect, were excellent. The put on a great show, and got the crowd going.

Overall, this show was awesome. The venue was awesome, the bands played wonderfully, and the crowd was enthusiastic. For some cellphone pics from the show, check out my twitpic account.


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