Dethklok & Mastodon

Dethklok — Oct 23, 2009 with Mastodon, Converge, and High on Fire at the Sound Academy.


So the hubby and I got a pair of tickets as a wedding gift, and were thus able to attend the show. The obscenely high price plus the unbelievable Live Nation service charge were the only thing keeping us from the show. We were very lucky to get these tickets. (I was uber-sad when I saw how much they wanted. Thank goodness for HeavyMetalAdam who gave us the great gift of tickets.

Going into the show, we expected a whole lot of brats. Both Dethklock and Mastodon are uber-popular, and thus draw out the jerks. Surprisingly, just about everyone behaved themselves (except for that one girl who thought that headbanging means falling backwards, and that one other very large girl [I thought it was a dude with a large ski jacket at first] who shoved us aside)

I saw High on Fire in London when the opened for Opeth, so I wasn’t too focused on them. Converge were more hardcore than we initially thought, so we were a bit disappointed. (the Hubby was especially looking forward to them, and thus doubly disappointed.)

Mastodon were Magnificent. I never really gave them a chance before, and wasn’t very focused on them for this show, but they drew me right in. They stole the show. I went for Dethklok, but if I had money for merch, it would have gone to Mastodon.

This was my first time seeing Dethklock, and I was very excited. I was a bit worried that my impression of them from the cartoon wouldn’t translate well to a live setting, but they really pulled it off.

I was familiar with some of the Music Video animations from the DVD’s, but some of the newer songs (i.e. Hatredcopter) I’d never seen, so that was good times. I enjoyed the bridging animations, but I’d heard that they were recycled from last time they hit the city. I enjoyed it all, but considering the ticket price, I’d have been PO’d if I had seen the last show with the same animations.

Overall I had a great time. The idiots that I expected in the audience never materialized, and I was unexpectedly enthralled by Mastodon.


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  1. thespiralscratch Says:

    Hey, nice piece. I was at the last night of the Missing Link Tour: Mastodon/High On Fire, Baroness+ in Oakland on Saturday. Read my review and see my pics at –

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