Nightmare Fest 2009 – part 2

Blackguard — Oct 17, 2009 with Empyrean Plague, Aggressor and Fatality at the Velvet Underground

Empyrean Plague
I did make it out to second night of Nightmare Fest, and it was a reasonably kickass show.

The turn out was low considering the caliber of the bands that were performing. I was told that the first night was just as low. (My rant about low turnouts in Toronto is coming soon…) The people who did come out certainly made up for the people who didn’t show up.

Check out some pics of the night on my twitpic account. Excuse the horrible quality of my cellphone-in-the-dark pics.

Immrama didn’t play. I never found of out why. It’s too bad since I haven’t seen them yet.

All of the bands brought a ton of energy and enthusiasm to the stage. There were a couple sarcastic comments from the stage about the low turnout. (My rant about “preaching to the choir” to also come later.) My compliments, however, to the ever-professional Blackguard who reversed this trend by praising the enthusiasm of the fans that did come out.

Empyrean Plague debuted two new song; both of them were awesome.

Blackguard played Arm Yourself for the first time in AGES. Since this is on of my favourite songs, this just about made my night. (as almost made up for getting hit in the head by both Terry and Paul. Almost. grrr…)

As is common with many of these shows held in venues that function primarily as dance clubs, we were kicked out early (which cut Blackguard’s set short) to make space for the Dancing Goth Kids.

I scored two set lists:
Fatality Setlist - Nightmare Fest 2009

and Blackguard
Blackguard Setlist - Nightmare Fest 2009
It says “Headline Tour”, so I fully expect them to play Arm Yourself Tonight in Oshawa.

*note for those not in the know*
I’ve been stealing set lists off of stages since 2004. I have a 2″ binder bursting with these lists. The more tape, footprints, and spilled beer, the better.

Blackguard with be back in Toronto (Opera House) with the Epic Ensiferum.

My overall opinion: Great F-ing times.


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